36×36 Dragon Tent Hire

A one-off from the land of dragons in the Black Mountains of Wales we bring you the Red Dragon, a marquee & sculpture combined in a celebration of Welsh mythos and UK design & manufacturing. The canvas was designed & made in Wales by Roland with help from screen printers Nichola Goff & Nancy Evans. The frame was engineered and made in Birmingham by Shield Engineering in collaboration with Roland.

We wanted to create a characterful Dragon you can walk inside and use as a functional weatherproof space, originally commissioned with input from Green Man Festival.
The inside is cosy but accessible, inviting yet sheltered, so enter the dragon, through the mouth or under the two wings- each 5m canopies!
Great Bar/Party space where guests can spill in and out of the structure and enjoy the vibe inside or out. It also works well as a children’s storytelling/ puppetry space to inspire the next generation of little dragons, who can shelter in amazement in the belly or under the wings of the Red Dragon! The Dragon can be brought to life at night with lighting effects, adding another dimension to this work of art…

  • Usable space: Body- 16ft by 16ft, Wings 2 x 16ft by 16ft
  • Pitch size required:  60ft by 50ft / 18m by 15m
  • Unique Sculptural Venue
  • Great for fantasy, medieval & storytelling festivals




  • Matting rugs, and cushions
  • Pa music system, bar & party lights package
  • Nighttime lighting set and firebowl


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