Marquee Knowledge & Experience
  • Over 15,000 hours making marquees
  • 5,000 hours putting them up & using them
  • 1,500 hours researching & designing them

Since 2003 Roland has designed & personally built over 150 marquees, canopies, domes, yurts, covers & more. He has also successfully delivered hire packages to over 60 weddings & hired structures at 100 festival events including Glastonbury, Greenman, Shambala, Wilderness, Winter LIghts, Larmer Tree, NGG, GG, Tafwyl, Positive Vibrations, Shamania, Earthwise, Turaya, Sunrise, Ymuno, Over the Moon, Woodfest & more.


Roland first made a canvas marquee in 2003. Recreate, wanted a beautiful venue for a cafe music space & back then there wasn’t much interesting available. Roland took a job with Curlew Marquees in Bradford, working with Marquee guru Ben Dawson & master tentmaker Derek Hawkin & made his first canvas marquees whilst learning from an established marquee manufacturer. He never looked back, setting up his own business a year later.

About Roland Stokes Bespoke Tents and Events
Fantastic Service
  • Friendly, reliable & creative service
  • Family business ethos with wide partnerships to offer choice
  • We treat every event as if it was own own

Bespoke Tents & Events has grown gradually by word of mouth and we value our reputation as our most important asset. Our team is friendly & professional, equipped to approach issues positively & resourcefully. The marquees & canvas structures are designed & made in house to maintain the highest standards & we are committed to going above & beyond in the service we provide.


Hugh Carthew has joined the bespoke tents team, bringing years of experience installing marquees to a wide range of events & incredible customer relations skills. He also adds a wonderfully friendly can-do approach to our service & is one of the few people who can work as hard as Roland & keep smiling all the way.. We focus on what we do best. Anything we don’t have that you need, we can help you source from partners & suppliers we know & trust so you get a good deal at the best price with the maximum choice.

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The Best Marquees

We have developed our own range of canvas marquees to hire for events. This range grows organically in response to customer feedback. What people enjoy & want more of, we make more of. The belief in form & function also guides our work:

...the function must perform, the form must delight...

Examples of features that make our tents better:


Each marquee is unique, an evolution of previous tried & tested designs, with variety across the range


Our structures use parabolic curves cut & sewn into roof seams- creates beautiful curves & correct shape to spread tension evenly along seam

Height and Space

Side & centre poles on larger marquees higher than other designs, to give better usable height & spacious, light, airy atmosphere


Tensile integrity of roof created by using tension ratchet guy lines that hold tent roof tight to look great & perform better in adverse weather

Natural Wood

Beautiful steam bent & laminated wooden arch entrances & lovingly crafted wooden features; flooring, bars, doors, we celebrate & elevate wood as an elegant natural material


We use canvas for the look, feel, breathability & better acoustic properties it offers. Our tents are so pretty they do not require lining, but offer lovely backdrops for whatever decor you choose

Craftsmanship & Care

We have lovingly built not just every marquee & canopy but also wooden flooring, furniture, custom decor & lighting installations. We do this because we love making beautiful creations & being able to offer you a range no one else can. The care & thoughtful design that goes into our products is shared with you as you use them. From how they look, feel & perform to the effort we go to to set them up so they work as well as possible for your event & site. All our team is trained to the highest standards, but as quality control freaks, Roland or Hugh are on site for every installation to maintain the highest standards possible of installation & customer care.


You can feel how long we have spent finishing our tables when you touch them. We love food like you do and believe good food should be presented well & enjoyed sociably in a great setting. We love music so create intimate spaces where it sounds fantastic. We have bought quality sound equipment so you can hear your music through great quality gear, but if you need a larger set up we work with PA hire firms to provide large sound systems and engineers.
We care who we work with so if we recommend someone, you can be sure we have worked with them, trust them and know they will deliver for you.