80×40 Seren Marquee Hire


  • Capacity dining – Up to 200 dining guests
  • Capacity standing – Up to 450 as a party space for bands/performance/ discos
  • Multi-venue option – Connects to the Circle Marquee
  • Event typesWeddings and festival weddings
  • Usable space: 2 pole: 80ft x 40ft
  • Pitch size required: 2 pole: 100ft x 60ft
  • Brand new marquee designed and built in Wales in 2022
  • Seren means star in Welsh


This new largest version of our Seren is an evolution of our Star Marquee, maintaining all the features which made that Marquee wonderful, whilst improving the design, aesthetic & performance.


We have kept the feature wooden arch entrances, but made them so that this marquee is joinable to our other new Marquees to create integrated multi space venues.


So you can have a bar or music space connected to the main venue for your event.


Although with this sized venue you should be able to fit a whole lot under one roof!


  • Totally unique marquee wedding venue
  • Spacious, light venue compared to ti-pis & darker coloured tents
  • Sides remove easily for light, ventilation and views
  • Joins to our Circle marquee for integrated venues
  • Designed & engineered by the best…to be the best
  • We help design layouts just right for your event
  • We will take to Festivals with no sides only


We have set this up for Dining for 150 while maintaining a large area for music and Bar pre set up so no hassle moving things around later on.


It also works well for very large meals of 160-180 or if you are inviting a lot of extra guests to an evening reception…


The Seren has kept the high roof lines, elegant curves and light colour of its Sister the Star, which create a fabulously light & spacious feeling venue.


It can be paired with either Matting flooring or our Larch Plank Floorboards & comes with a range of lighting options included for Weddings…


This size marquee works really well for 140-160 allowing plenty of space for dining tables to be set up with areas for music and a bar.


It can also host up to 200 for dining, but some tables may have to be moved ( depending on layout and content – we can help here!) to make generous space for dancing & fun later on after your meal is finished.


For a more generous sized venue, see  28ft Circle Marquee as an add on bar or 28ft x 44ft Circle Marquee as add on music venue




  • Pair with matting flooring with optional handmade larch plank flooring ¼ venue dancefloor
  • Comes with amazing lighting options for weddings
  • Beautiful with our hand-crafted banqueting tables and Bar
  • We help design layouts just right for your event
  • Our catering tent has sympathetic design to sit next to the Seren
  • Canopies in front of Venue create extra cover and interest.


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This marquee was designed by Roland Stokes with engineering analysis support from Tensys, world leading Tensile Structural engineers to ensure the Marquee performs to the very highest standards.


This Marquee is only available for wedding hire, for Festival hire please see the Star Marquee