72×18 Canopy Hire


  • Capacity dining – 72 seated on 1 row or 144 on 2 rows
  • Capacity standing – 250
  • Multi-venue option – doesn’t join but great for alfresco meal or ceremony
  • Event types – Wedding and Party dining, ceremonies, food festivals
  • Usable space: 72ft by 18 ft or 24m x 6m 
  • Pitch size required: 30m x 10 m


This alfresco dining canopy was bespoke created for a couple who wanted to host a spectacular banquet for a large number of family & friends outside, but under cover.


They run a great food business so wanted the meal to be the centrepiece of their day. 


It works like our other canopies but as it is so long it suits the banquet dining style with one or two rows of trestle tables with chairs or benches.


It could also be used for cover for a ceremony outside at a wedding.


Or a large dining hall style eating area for a food festival or festival.


This canopy comes in smaller sizes 54ft x 18ft, 36ft x 18ft & 18ft x 18ft ( links please Alex)



  • Banquet tables 6ft
  • Benches
  • Crossed backed chairs
  • Fairy lights


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