wedding and festival canvas marquee hire - the 60x40ft seren marquee

60×40 Seren Marquee Hire

  Capacity dining - Up to 140 dining guests Capacity standing - Up to 350 as a party space for bands/performance/ discos Multi-venue option - Connects to the Circle Marquee Event types - Weddings and festival weddings Usable space: 2 pole: 60ft x 40ft Pitch...

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28×62 Circle-Ended Marquee

  Capacity dining -  Capacity standing -  Multi-venue option -  Event types -  Usable space: 1 pole: #ft x #ft Pitch size required: 1 pole: #ft x #ft <<other info>>   Paragraph 1   Paragraph 2   Paragraph 3   Paragraph 4   Accessories     Book For Your Event    This marquee was...

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Heartwood Pretty Canvas Wedding Marquee

55×32 Heartwood Marquee Hire

  Usable space: 2 pole: 55ft x 32ft / 16.6m x 9.6m Pitch size required: 1 pole: 63ft x 40ft / 19m x 12m Capacity for dining: up to 110 Capacity for party / festival venue: up to 250 High quality food festival dining hall   Larger...

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